Facilities and Specialized Services:

The Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology is located on the Denton campus of the University of North Texas, occupying approximately 2100 sq. ft. in the Department of Biological Sciences Building.

Facilities and specialized services include:

  • Monitored, limited access to all facilities
  • Secure evidence storage room with the capability to conserve case remains when requested to do so by the submitting agency
  • Extensive human and non-human skeletal reference collections
  • Dedicated decomposition/wet autopsy room
  • Dedicated dry lab for skeletal analysis
  • Radiology facilities - flat plate and dental X-ray capability
  • Scanning electron microscopy with EDAX, digital imaging, and environmental sample capability
  • Traditional and comparison microscopy with digital imaging capabilities
  • Video superimposition facility
  • Histology facility
  • Dental analysis by a board certified forensic odontologist
  • Total station mapping of scenes with digital 3D reconstruction and presentation


Mark Ingraham - Office Number 940-565-4335
E- mail:  [email protected]  


Photographs courtesy of Angilee Wilkerson, UNT URCM