University of North Texas Center for Human Identification

UNT Center for Human Identification –

Research and Development Laboratory Mission and Resources


The Research and Development Laboratory (RDL) of the UNT Center for Human Identification (UNT CHI) is housed in 1266 sq ft of newly remodeled laboratory space on the UNTHSC campus.  The laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with research capabilities in DNA sequencing and sequence analysis, SNP detection and genotyping, real-time PCR/qPCR, and Affymetrix microarray-based genome analysis.  The facility also houses a culture laboratory to support the Center’s Tick-Bourne Disease Research Center.  The RDL operates under the same stringent quality assurance standards, ISO 75025, which the caseworking laboratories of the UNT CHI adhere to.


The purpose and mission of the RDL is to support the advancement of technology in the areas of human identification through DNA-based testing for the Center’s Missing Persons, Forensic, and Relationship Testing laboratories.  The laboratory is also available to assist in the training of graduate students wishing to conduct DNA technology based research, as well as serving as a collaborator for genetic testing studies being conducted by UNTHSC researchers and faculty.  Although the laboratory is not a “core-facility” that processes samples on a contract basis, the researchers overseeing the RDL will assist in feasibility assessment. Assay development and provide the opportunity for these studies to be successfully completed by faculty and students at the Health Science Center.  The RLD has worked with industry leaders in the development of many DNA testing technologies and actively collaborates with researchers and visiting scientists at the national and international level.