Anthropological Services / Personnel / Affiliations

The Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology also provides a full range of anthropological services. Agencies may contact the laboratory for information concerning other services which may or may not involve direct costs to the agency:

  • Depositions and expert testimony
  • Participation in federally operated mass death investigations, (e.g. natural disasters, terrorist acts, transportation accidents, etc.)
  • Specialized training for forensic pathologists and fellows, death investigators, and law enforcement agents. Professional training is certified by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Office of Standards and Education. Short courses and fellowships are offered in:
    • Remains location and recovery
    • Skeletal identification and trauma analysis
    • Visiting practica for pathology fellows and trainee affiliates preparing for board examinations

Why does the Center for Human Identification recommend complete skeletal analysis by a forensic anthropologist prior to DNA profiling and databasing?

  • Biological profiles may be used as metadata to improve the ability to make molecular database identifications
  • Positive identification of remains by anthropological means, (dental, radiological, etc.), prior to DNA analysis saves time for investigative agencies and expedites the return of remains to families. Conversely, exclusions prevent agencies from wasting valuable investigative time and expense
  • Analysis may provide the investigating agency with additional information not derived from DNA such as time since death, biological profile, trauma, etc. This information may help establish cause and manner of death.

Identifications, traditional or molecular, are simply the beginning of an investigation - Our ultimate goal is to provide as much information as possible to the investigating agency!

Laboratory Personnel:

H. Gill-King, PhD, D-ABFA
      Laboratory Director
      Fellow - American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Diplomate - American Board of Forensic Anthropology

Mark Ingraham, MS
      Laboratory Manager
      Member - American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Member - International Association for Identification

Robert Williams, DDS, D-ABFO
      Forensic Odontologist
      Fellow - American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Diplomate - American Board of Forensic Odontology

Affiliated personnel, laboratories, and services include:

  • Forensic entomology
  • Forensic botany
  • Field archeology and geology
  • Forensic pathology
  • Materials science / evidence characterization



Mark Ingraham - Office Number 940-565-4335
E- mail:  [email protected]  


Photographs courtesy of Angilee Wilkerson, UNT URCM