Specimen Collection

The Paternity Laboratory at UNTHSC is located in Ft. Worth's Cultural District near downtown, but sample collection may be arranged at virtually any location within the United States and throughout the world. If necessary, samples can be collected from the test participants (the mother, child(ren), and alleged father(s)) at different times and locations. DNA testing usually requires a simple non invasive buccal swab to gently acquire a sample from inside the cheek of each participant. Samples can be collected from newborn babies immediately after birth. On rare occasions paternity testing may be done prior to birth with the consent and participation of the mother's obstetrician. It is essential that the paternity lab be contacted for more detailed information related to prenatal paternity testing.

UNTHSC only performs what is considered "legal paternity testing" which ensures the acceptance of the test results by the court system. For legal testing our laboratory follows strict requirements to document the identities of all test participants and to demonstrate a strict chain of custody of the samples. The DNA identity lab requires a valid state or federal photo ID for all adult participants, or a social security card and/or birth certificate for children. A photograph will be taken of all participants at the time of sample collection. A thumb print is also obtained from the adult test participants. If the samples are collected at a location other than Fort Worth, Texas, the samples are mailed back to our laboratory via overnight courier. The cost of the overnight courier service is included in the price of the test with the exception of international paternity testing. After all samples are collected, paternity testing results are provided within ten to fifteen working days (rush testing is available upon request for an additional fee).


Paternity Division Toll Free Number:    1-800-687-5301

Paternity Division Loca Fax Number:      817-735-5016

E-Mail:                                                      [email protected]