About Paternity / Relationship Testing

The Parentage/Relationship Division of the UNT Center for Human Identification provides the most advanced and accurate methods of paternity testing available. Our laboratory directors are pioneers in the field of DNA Paternity Testing and are relied upon both nationally and internationally for their expertise. DNA testing has become the standard methodology used by the courts in the United States and throughout the world in the establishment of paternity. The Center is one of only 43 laboratories accredited nationwide by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) to perform DNA parentage testing. From its inception in 1989, the laboratory has implemented an extensive quality assurance program that ensures the accuracy and reproducibility of the results obtained. The DNA testing systems used at the Center for Human Identification have the capability of determining the probability of paternity to greater than 99.99%. Most DNA paternity laboratories have access to a limited number (13-15) of genetic markers for testing. In challenging cases, our laboratory has the ability to perform extended testing and analyze up to 29 genetic markers.

The Parentage/Relationship Division has been relied upon by the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General's Office in providing the highest professional quality testing for the past 15 years. The laboratory provides easy to understand reporting of results as well as the support of experienced nationally and internationally recognized expert witnesses if needed. The results provided are always confidential and are relied upon to facilitate pre-trial settlements. Test results are typically available in 10 days or less. Expedited testing (5 days or less) is available for an additional fee.



Paternity Division Toll Free Number:    1-800-687-5301

Paternity Division Loca Fax Number:      817-735-5016

E-Mail:                                                      [email protected]