The Forensic Genetics Program is offed through the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS). The program accepts 10-12 students in the Fall of each year and the incoming class goes through the program as a cohort. Acceptance into the program is quite competitive. The program is an intensive science-based program and students are expected to have a strong background in cell biology, molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, etc. Typical GRE scores for last year's incoming class range from 1200-1400 for the combined verbal and quantitative GRE exams and the range of undergraduate GPA's are typically 3.4-4.0. The selection committee actually places much more weight on courses taken and any other experience than on standardized testing results. Applications for admission to the program are due January 11th and the program curriculum starts in late May. For more info see the Graduate School Academic Calendar.


For information regarding admission into the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences please visit the GSBS Admissions web site or contact Ms Amanda Griffith at 817-735-2560 .

For more information on the Forensic Genetics program, please contact Dr. John. V. Planz