What is CODIS?

The Combined DNA Index System (CODIS+mito) is an electronic database of DNA profiles that combines computer and DNA technologies as an effective tool for solving missing persons' cases beyond the scope of fingerprints or dental records. The database maintains two indices of DNA profiles. The first is an index of DNA profiles of relatives of missing persons and the second includes profiles of unidentified human remains. The database allows local, state, and federal agencies the capability of exchanging and comparing DNA profiles for potential matches. Stored CODIS information has secure access privileges and is maintained by the FBI.

This database includes the following categories of DNA records:

  1. Unidentified Human Remains - UHR: DNA profiles from unidentified human remains
  2. Family Reference Samples - FRS: DNA profiles from relatives of missing persons
  3. Direct Reference Samples - DRS: DNA profiles from the missing person

CODIS+mito also supports a Population file. The Population file is a database of anonymous DNA profiles used to determine the statistical significance of a match.